GTA 5 - the next, the fifteenth in a row game, released as part of the most popular series Grand Theft Auto. She became one of the most anticipated in many countries of the world. The main reason for the high popularity among gamers, which has not subsided throughout the history of the game, is the freedom of action provided to the player. Everyone can line up the game as they wish. Characters can engage in various sports, travel and perform many other actions. Also, the game is distinguished by a magnificent simulation of the life of a metropolis, in particular, transport. The game takes place in Los Santos. This city is familiar to fans of the San Andreas game. According to fans of Rockstar North games, GTA 5 is a worthy continuation of the series, justifying the ambitions of the developers, whose goal was to create the largest open-world game in the series. Many players know that if you use cheats, any game will become even more exciting and interesting. And in the Grand Theft Auto series of games, they are one of the main features. The gta 5 codes allow you to get additional weapons, take control of your favorite car and easily repair it, restore your health or gain immortality, gain unrealistic abilities, change the weather in an instant, and much more. Almost everyone who wants to use GTA 5 cheats is wondering how to find them, and I was no exception. Cheats can be found on various sites, but indeed all GTA 5 codes are on the Hermit Gamer game portal. The developers of the site have created a resource that allows you to complete the game with the highest possible results. To find the cheat you need and successfully apply it can not only a beginner who has recently become acquainted with the games of the GTA series, but also a professional who has successfully completed all previous games. The site offers codes for all gaming platforms, allowing all players to take advantage of the benefits equally. For example, I found on this site a cheat that allows you to get a sports car Rapid GT, which I drive with pleasure along the city streets. It should be noted that some codes, for example, for money, a fighter and a tank in the game do not exist. It is also useless to use them online. In conclusion, I would like to say that the game GTA 5 will help brighten up the leisure time for any gamer, and in combination with cheat codes this game is truly a pleasure. But do not forget that GTA 5 is not recommended for players under 17 years old!
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